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You. It's always you. You keep me right.
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It ain't me, babe.

You know what is worst, though?
When a guy talks shit at me and he is a fucking asshole and all is good and normal, but when I talk shit right back at his face suddenly it’s the end of the world. Oh my god, I am a terrible person.

No, really. This is amazing. Like he’s got all the right to say whatever the shit he wants and I am not because I am a woman, I am supposed to be sweet??? Well he can fuck the right off my face, see if I care.


All the awards to Adam Hills.


You had ONE JOB, Gavin …


Cat in a cardboard box, by Ruskin Spear


Because each one of them wasn’t sad enough.

All and the lonely hearts | Chapter 17 / ?


Post-The Empty Hearse.
It was brilliant that Sherlock was back at Baker Street, John supposed. But he lived elsewhere now, he had another home and another life.
He was glad to have his best friend back, he truly was. He just had to deal with the sudden urge he had sometimes to actually kill Sherlock himself. The sudden urge to ask him to please, never leave again.

It was all making him mad. And he had a wedding to plan.

[The tale of two people finding their way to one another again.]

In this chapter:

“Jesus Christ!” John said. “Couldn’t you knock to warn me instead of giving me a heart attack?” He rearranged himself on the seat and nodded to the cabbie so that he knew that Sherlock was a friend and not a fugitive from a nearby madhouse.

Well, maybe he was a bit.

Sherlock gave him a stunning smile. One of those that would be able to burst one of Molly’s blood vessels, if only Sherlock didn’t save them all for John. “John! The game is on!”


Paul was the first love of my life, Yoko was the second”. - John 

 “If John Lennon could come back for a day, how would you spend it with him?”

Paul: “In bed.”

Anonymous asked: "What's your favourite Johnlock fic?"


I couldn’t chose just one.

  1. the saint within the sinner.- wip.
  2. a finger slip.  - wip
  3. once upon a bookshop. - wip
  4. a study in ludus.  - wip.
  5. filthy gorgeous.  -wip.
  6. the trouble with truth serum - wip.
  7. back in the day one fixed point in a changing age. - completed.
  8. the loss of flesh and soul - wip.
  9. floriography - completed.
  10. love and other deaths
  11. a cure for boredom  - completed. 
  12. performance in a leading role - completed. 
  13. northwest passage  - completed. 
  14. to poisons and their antidotes  - completed. 
  15. hands on education  - completed. 
  16. 3,554 miles - completed.
  17. common grounds - completed.
  18. the bachelor - completed. 
  19. beginnings - completed.
  20. the sensation of falling just as you hit sleep. - completed. 
  21. academic euros - wip.
  22. enjoy the ride - completed. 
  23. sherlock is a sexting menace  - completed. 
  24. evidence of human life - completed. (highly recommend) 
  25. fifty quid  - completed. 
  26. everything i can’t be is everything you should be - completed. 
  27. baby blues  - completed. 
  28. game theory + zero sum games. - completed. 
  29. whirlwind all that life can’t afford
  30. suck me while i sleep. - completed. 
  31. a study in winning + a study in doubles. - completed. 
  32. fingers trace your every outline. - completed. 
  33. the boy in the cable knit jumper. - completed. 
  34. making the connection. -wip
  35. hurt/comfort/hurt.- completed.
  36. something borrowed. -completed.
  37. for science. - completed. 
  38. the perfect specimen. - completed.
  39. when it rains it pours. - completed. 
  40. professional boundaries. - completed. 
  41. let’s make a bed out in the rain. - completed. 
  42. the pull of one magnet to another - completed.
  43. control, alt, delete - completed.
  44. self control. - completed.
  45. dublin. - completed.
  46. attached - completed.
  47. ?? no name - completed. 
  48. big brother is watching you. - completed. 
  49. feel the tide - completed.
  50. the urge to write poetry. - completed.
  51. His lips tremble still - Completed. (OMFG READ THIS RIGHT NOW)
  52. contusion, laceration, abrasion- Completed. 
  53. Magnificent. - Completed. 
  54. teacher, teacher. - Completed. 
  55. game theory.- Completed. 
  56. the dewy decimal philharmonic.- Completed. 
  57. suck me while i sleep. - Completed. 
  58. in the dark of the night.- Completed. 
  59. edge.- Completed. 
  60. five plus one.- Completed. 
  61. illusion is the first of all pleasures. - Completed. 
  62. you give me fever.- Completed. 
  63. sell out.- Completed. 
  64. it’s not decent.- Completed. 
  65. sex through clothes. - Completed. 
  66. de facto.- Completed. 
  67. for science. - Completed. 
  68. His last bow. - Completed. 
  69. You give me fever. - Completed. 
  70. One more from the middle. - Completed. 
  71. The taming of John Watson. - Completed. 
  72. The Temper Between. - Completed. 
  73. Bound to you. - WIP. 





those moments when straight people assume you’re one of them and you feel like a gay secret agent


bi spy 

it’s an ace case

Secret gaygent.