angryskitty said: Wait, wait -- what's going on in Scotland? I see all of your reblogs, but I don't quite understand.


Ah! Well m’dear, currently Scotland has been in a year-or-so long campaign for gaining independence from the United Kingdom!

So basically it means that on the 18th of next month the people of Scotland will go to the polls to either vote “Yes” for an independent Scotland or “No” to stay in the union that we are in currently with the countries/states of England, Northern Ireland and Wales. At the moment according to the polls the “Yes” vs “No” campaign is at 49/51 in favour of “No”, so it’s INCREDIBLY close. 

There are many reasons why people are either “Yes” or “No”, but as I’m a “Yes” voter I can only give you my reasons for voting as such. So basically all my reblogs of the Indyref (Independence Referendum) will revolve around these points:

- An independent Scotland would be a country of 6 million and not part of a country of 65 million which is more and more England centric.Therefore a smaller and more condensed country will be better able to ensure it’s own interests rather than being an afterthought of Westminster. 

- An Independent Scotland would better represent the social and political interests of its people. CURRENTLY the UK has a conservative/Liberal government (for all intents and purposes they are conservative, the Lib Dems have mostly been absorbed by the Conservatives themselves) whereas ONLY 5 - 7% OF SCOTS VOTED FOR A CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT. This means that Scotland is being ruled by a government that we DID NOT VOTE FOR OR ACTIVELY VOTED AGAINST. 

- An Independent Scotland theoretically would be among the 20 richest countries in the world, whereas Scotland as part of the UK is nowhere near as prosperous. Our wealth generation is huge despite the small size of our country (North sea oil, tourism, culture, food and drink, commerce, trading etc) but a lot of it goes to funding English policies which we did not vote for. Per head, Scotland generates much more per capita income than the rest of the UK and spends much less. 

- An Independent Scotland will be a fairer nation than the UK as a whole; the current conservative government is capitalizing things to the point of no return: ie. Destruction of welfare, blooming of racist ideals and classism, the “Americanization” of our National Health System and the smashing of the poor and needy and the willful helping of the rich and “important”. As an independent nation, Scotland will work to strengthen it’s own NHS, continue free university education (which is not available elsewhere in the UK currently) as well as work hard to ensure equality across the genders and classes. 

- An Independent Scotland would become a non-nuclear nation. The UK’s supply of nuclear weapons (and stations for US Nuclear weapons) are currently stored in submarines based in Faslane in Scotland. The reason for this is basically because the rest of the UK doesn’t want their own radioactive weaponry to be stored on English soil near the government and such. I don’t believe in nuclear deterrents and fully support the dismantling of nuclear weaponry in Scotland. Scotland will not be a dumping ground for everyone else’s nuclear weapons. 

Aaaaaand there are many many other reasons why I believe we should go independent but I won’t mash my moo any further. Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what’s going on bb, but remember that this is only one side of the argument. I think it’s pretty damn convincing but it’s for the people of Scotland to make their decision! \ouo/ 

Alex Turner realises he’s the lead singer and ‘runs’ back to the mic [x]

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BAMF Dr. Watson. Three years, I waited for this moment for over three years. No-one can even remotely understand how much this scene meant for me.

and for all of us who screamed: Yes! At last Doctor!John!

And it was as good as we all hoped it would be.

Doctor John H Watson, consulting BADASS.

May I add in something here? I think you may enjoy knowing this if you do not already.

What you saw right there was Captain John H. Watson, FNF, MD, Retired.

I’ve worked with military doctors. Doctors do bark out orders that they expect to be obeyed.

What you saw here was a commanding officer, a Captain, give a command.

While the doctor in John Watson can and has barked out orders we have not seen him give a command before.

This scene was pure Captain John H. Waston, FNF. When an officer gives a command to one of lesser rank he does not expect it to be obeyed; he knows it will be obeyed. There is no question of “if”. That does not exist in the military.

The soldier hesitated at first because John barked at him to “Call the ambulance, now! as Dr. John Watson.

When the soldier did not move to comply then Dr.John Watson switched gears right into Captain John Watson and he issued a command. The solider knew the difference immediately. He obeyed Captain Watson without hesitation.

John remained Captain Watson when he addressed Sherlock as “nurse”. That clearly startled Sherlock. When John became Captain Watson he remained within military protocol and addressed Sherlock in a military manner which is simple SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

It was also interesting to see Sherlock startled. Evidently he has not seen a lot of Captain Watson either.

Martin did a perfect turn here in this scene. He did not simply become louder, or more insistent. He became commanding.

Well done!

And I absolutely agree with you! John Watson is a complete badass. However when he became military he was Captain John H. Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers and he was then Captain Badass!

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Pass me my phone

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Commission for Cerise!

The first one she wanted a teen mycroft and kid sherlock piece! I ended up with the science experiment option ^^ And for the second one, it’s mystrade playing footsies!

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Marvel’s Chris Crisis (Chrisis) do the ice bucket challenge * * *

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Foxes living on the beach in Hokkaido [x]

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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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"We’re going to try to take it somewhere we’ve never been before — and I don’t mean outer space. It will be a challenging place to go. We always start with a re-introduction that builds toward a darker climax — we might just be going darker from the outset. We got a very, very good set of ideas."

— Mark Gatiss at the Emmy’s on how Sherlock Season 4 will go. (x)

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